Rega planer 3 -- 24 record player @ Sumiko blue point special evo 3

Rega planer 3 -- 24psu unit


Note: this is the green coloured one i have the white one, with different cartridge


After played in with my Sumiko blue point special evo 3 cartridge for at least 60 hours

I was not pleased with the standard sound of the rega  .... ofcourse not


So i looked at my old turntable mat and clamp from Goldmund reference made in the late 80ties 

Hmm try to put the disk on ...... doesn`t fit 

Why ... becourse  the disk is 5 mm thick and the original wool mat is 2,7 mm think. (difference 2,3mm)

Hmm thinking this can be changed.

I came up with a horseshoe form carbon fibre disk of to milimeter thick to adjust the tonearm hight

So i did, replaced the tonearm 2 mm upwards.

All went well .... till i wanted to clamp the record to the mat (very important to get the best results of the mat)

Owh dear now  i`m so close but not yet what i want.

On my work i have used a lathe to drill out the centre pin of the rega to M4 thread cut in the pin.

Made out of a drill of 7mm round a piece with outside thread M4.

Screwed the extended piece of steal into the centre pin of the rega.

Now the clamp can be fit well.

 Turned on my amps and let turn the turntable  for an hour ..... warming up the audio set.


Placed a well known lp record to the rega Pink floyd  ..... another brick in the wall.


Wooooow i was shocked totally out of my mind.

What a different soundstage:


More depth, dynamics ( had to adjust the volume -2 db) 

Voices more clearly going towards me much better focusing.


 Original rega

 Modified Rega

Chanced the original wool mat from rega to the Goldmund mat and clamp
 And so i`m very pleased with this mod i can realy say if you got the Goldmund mat and clamp.
 Chance it ...... very fast