Digital Cables

Why BNC connectors on digital signales?

Normal RCA connectors have about 32 Ohms inductive resistance, BNC Have about 75 Ohms induction.

32 Ohm differ a lot from standards, Philips and Sony have made it to 75 Ohm, Not 32 ohms

RCA reflect signals back to the point of transmitting so signals will be disturbed a lot.


RCA Impedance

    This is a phenomena that happens only at higher frequencies.

    In consumer products the load is 75 ohm and in military it's 50 ohm.
    So, when you have a cable that goes from your transport to DAC,
    everything must be 75 ohm, this includes the female RCA connectors,
    male RCA connectors and the coax cable itself.

    If one of these components is not true 75 ohm part of the signal will
    reflect, but only at high frequencies, like the ones digital signals are
    transmitted in.

    If the cable it 75 ohm and the connector is 70 ohm only a small
    fraction will reflect, however if the cable is 75 ohm and the RCA is
    32 ohm (which is typical for most expensive/fancy so called audiophile
    RCA connectors out there) significant part of the signal will reflect.

    First, this reflection makes the signal weaker and second, the 
    reflection can cause an avalanche effect where it disturbs the signals 
    behind it.

    This is all very bad for an instrumentation type cable.

    Most RCA connectors are 32-40 ohm. At high frequencies, the
    shape of the connector and the thickness of dielectric will determine
    the impedance. That is why it's so hard to make RCA connectors 75
    ohm, their shape and conductor spacing prevent this. BNC connectors
    are a different story, they can easily be made to be 75 ohm.

And so ...... i provide this solution 

You need to solder a 75 Ohm female connector in your cd transport and DAC,

Don`t worry, i can provide those female connectors too


BNC and 75 Ohm cables gives more ...

Depth, bigger sound stage

Voices are much more clear

All sounds much more original like we want music to hear into our living room.


I present ....

Custom made cables at length till 5 meters

I only make digital signal cables with true 75 Ohms  BNC connectors.

No RG-59   type but good quality O.F.C. (oxygen free copper) 75 Ohm cable.

Cables connectors BNC will be shrinked, not soldered.

Cable with two male connectors, length, one meter  €50,00 (price has been changed course of suplier)

Add 4 € for every meter longer then one meter standard.



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