Vinyl is still alive and how

Yes Vinyl disc`s here in the city Haarlem, The Netherlands they still print vinyl at 45 milj. copies a year.


 I have notting against CD`s or another medium in digital, most vinyl recordings are digital.

It`s the way we reproduce original digital to analogue, most cd players are  to bad of quality.


Vinyl is still the best way to reproduce ear friendly music.

Vinyl May Be Final Nail in CD's Coffin if you ask me 

Here a video of how it`s made ...... vinyl records






 Here another video of the making of vinyl


Now i hope you have got more respect for the amazing work that comes with vinyl manufacturing.

 It all began with Edison`s first wax phonology


 Became  this first playable wax machine


 To today's capability  ........


the ultimate vinyl reproducing i have ever seen.





Photo is token from this website

The cartridge is not running on a bearing accept one made of a air cushion  so no contact what so ever to the plateau avoiding vibrations of the motor.

Love to save money to buy this Terminator     ...some day

Question to you all ..

If any of you have got some nice links about vinyl buying sites, please let me know.

Course i need more vinyl to my collection ... new records are still not easy to find.

When on sale its out of sale befor you know it ...mostly limited editions 

Drop a link to my guestbook  if you please ....any recommended sites or suggestions too.

Okki Nokki




 Was looking for a second hand Okki Nokki ....


Drove to the North of Holland yesterday looking for a okki nokki washingmachine for vinyl records.

The man was at home like he said on the mobile phone.

Looked at the machine, comes with a not so nice comment ... sorry i got no cover for dust.

Told me Notting in front of the trip to his place.

But hey, i told him 25 Euro of the price and he was n`t  interesting at first and called me back later on.

Apparently he needed money.

 Oke he had major bad comments about the working capabilities of the okki nokki.

Drove back to my home ......


Went on collecting my records who had never had a nice bath

Collected some dust with regular brush.

Looking into the moister tank of the vacuum cleaner ..... Ahh that man was dirt, misused the okki nokki in all kind of ways.

Normally the okki had a little tube behind the housing but it doesn't let any moisture come out of the tank.

Blow a little air into it ..... hmm i clearly hear the blowing sound true ... well i never gonna use it anyway.

Just let in a silicone tube into the main opening where the machine sucks the moister.

I cut the tube into two equal lengths, both ends into a collection tank air tide, so when one end is in the okki tank the other into the collector then the other lenght i suck with my mouth, so the moister drops into the collector

 And yes it works .....

Oke back to okki nokki.


Must say the quality isn't what i aspect.

But it works .... sucking power is very good it literally sucks the record upward.

Now you need a hearing  protection

the machine`s vacuum is very noisy nice for the audiophile ears .... not

Well it clean the records very well if you let the moister do its work around 30sec to max 1 minute.

Then suck the flued away with the okki nokk, just when it gets dry stop sucking the record, course when the record is getting dry the record will be electric static again.


But if you clean it well ...... 

 Your records will sound like okki nokki value for money 



Note: there are weak elements on the Okki Nokki

i did not found any fluids in the container .... that`s strange ???

most flued will disappear becourse it`s highly alcoholic

Turned the okki upside down, unscrewed the bottom lit ....

OMG, the plastic tank was lose from the metal plate 


pictures of damage

the white container was lose think the latest owner had pulled the drain hose too hard.

don`t need too but i think he had two left hands  

I see lost it`s fit, the kit has lost it`s straight


Emptied the suction area


And the owner was not so clean to keep this container like a pig stable.


Cleaned out, cut away the old kit, clued the new kit from Bison all well together

The copper square is perforated to let air out of the fluid container.

Rubber seal goes back to the suction arm 


Refitted the container back into the okki


All went very well, and ....... i can drain the fluids again.

Suction power had increased too.

I almost had bought a cat in a sack.

So be careful when you buy a second hand machine !!


Befor i closed the lit i placed a lot of lead-bitumen to reduce the noise, and it works very good.






Vinyl cleaning

How To Store and Care For Vinyl Records

Cleaning your vinyl records is only part of the equation. Properly storing and handling those records are just as important so here are some quick tips.

  • Always make sure to have a clean, properly functioning and aligned phonograph cartridge. If the styli is bent or chipped then it must be IMMEDIATELY REPLACED to avoid PERMANENTLY destroying your records.

  • Never touch the record with your fingers as the oil and dirt can transfer to the record.

  • Once a record has been thoroughly hand or machine cleaned, resist the temptation to rub dirt off a record by wiping it against your T-shirt or other clothing. Use a DRY record cleaning brush for daily use instead like the Hunt or Audioquest carbon fiber record brush. Remember, that these carbon fiber brushes are for a quick wisk in-between plays and are NOT for deep cleaning use with wet solutions such as Discwasher D4 or quality service cleaner, see links for QS adress.

  • After cleaning your vinyl records make sure to put it into a new paper or anti-static plastic inner sleeve as using the old sleeve will just put the old dirt right back. Mobile Fidelity and the Discwasher VPI sleeves are very nice.

  • Store your record jackets inside heavy gauge plastic outer sleeves and use poly inner sleeves. This really helps in reducing the round scuff marks on the outer jacket and keeps it looking like new for years.

  • Storage ideas for vinyl records: Store vinyl records vertically on a shelf or record storage cabinet like you would a book. NEVER-EVER stack or lay records flat as this will almost certainly cause them to warp.

This future hurts audiophiles all over the world , Do not marry this type of house wife





Direct metal mastering or D.M.M.

Direct metal mastering for records.

Means cutting records in copper metal instead of softer materials.

Why?  Read it al here:

Direct Metal Mastering is a vinyl record manufacturing technology by TELDEC. Records manufactured with this technology are often marked by a "DMM" logo on the outer record sleeve.

The cutting lathe for DMM engraves the audio signal directly onto a copper-plated master disc, instead of engraving the groove into a lacquer-coated aluminum disc. Examination of early DMM discs revealed what appeared to be a high frequency modulation in the groove, thought to be caused by the use of an ultrasonic carrier tone. In fact, there was no carrier tone and the modulation was simply caused by the vibration (squeal) of the cutter head as it was dragged through the copper disc.

The Direct Metal Mastering technology addresses the lacquer mastering technology's issue of pre-echoes during record play, caused by the cutting stylus unintentionally transferring some of the subsequent groove wall's impulse signal into the previous groove wall. In particular, a quiet passage followed by a loud sound often clearly revealed a faint pre-echo of the loud sound occurring 1.8 seconds ahead of time (the duration of one revolution at 33 rpm). This problem could also appear as post-echo, 1.8 seconds after a peak in volume.

Another improvement is noise reduction. The lacquer mastering method bears a higher risk of adding unwanted random noise to the recording, caused by the enclosure of small dust particles when spraying the silvering on the lacquer master, which is the necessary first step of the electroplating process for reproduction of the master disc. As the DMM master disc is already made of metal (copper), this step is not required, and its faults are avoided.


thanks to wikipedia


Teldec`s machine


I personaly have lots of Direct metal mastered records, they realy sound much more better.

More depth, higher frequents, better dynamics and voices are more to real.

If you encounter a copy of your favourite Artist, buy it ... i bet you won`t be sorry for it. 

There are only seven machines left spread all over Europe.

United states already sold there machines, last one from New York for the lowsy price of 72.000 Dollars.

Shame on those who terminate all machines for making vinyl records.

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