Digital/analogue converter TDA1543

Digital/analogue converter TDA1543

with 8 DACs parallel


The second non-oversampling D.A. converter of Philips (developed in the Netherlands)

 A complete DAC in a nice metal case, like underneath picture.



Above the Teac vrds10SE 


DAC board

 Output caps
Like Mundorf, Audyncap plus, Audyncap reference, Clarity Cap
or any cap your favourite if available 
components can be adjust to custom wishes
(like the build in picture above)
Casing can be made in custom wishes as well 
Standard housing will be black or silver
Front plate anodised aluminium, ten MM thick




A.    PCB Circuit design

1.    Digital receive and DAC section : 26C32 + DIR9001 + 26C31 + TDA1543*8

2.    Full current output of TDA1543*8 in parallel

3A.  Tube driver stage : Standard 6N11, compatible  with  6922, 6DJ8, ECC88, E188CC & 6H23

3B.  Tube stage discontinued now audio is strait out of the DAC (less components sounds much better)

4.    Dale and military grade resistor for digital and DAC section

5.    AB carbon resistor with match pair for tube analog driver stage

6.    Capacitors use SIC from France, ELNA from Japan and high voltage capacitor from Philip




B.   Power Supply Regulation

1.    Digital section, two stage regulated with using LT1084 regulator

2.    DAC section by Toshiba Darlington transistor regulated

3.    Tube driver stage to use VOMS + LM317 regulator.

4.    All rectifiers is Fast Speed FR307

5.    power supply 0-9V*3 / 0.5A & 0-210V*1 / 50mA

C.   PCB size :

      214mm x 175mm, 2mm thickness, double side with gold plated




Prize and
 information please  email me


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