My audio photos My audio photos KT88 push pull U.L. power-amp Home made tube amp Have output and power transformer made on specification by Klare` Hoorn Netherlands. Schematic is without feedback makes the amp more musical. 112364431 Home made DAC TDA1543 with 8 dac`s parallel to a tubestage (ecc88) analog output Digital input SPdif 112364537 Cartridge Sumiko blue point special evo 3 High output 2,5mV on a MM phono tube stage. 112364535 Rega planer 3 -- 24 This turntable is one year old now. separate power suply to the 24 stepping motor 112364534 Pre-amp Line 6CG7 tube (blue pcb board) Phono MM Ecc83 (green yellow pcb boards) Audyncaps and styroflex by-passed Selector switch Elma silver plated contacts Volume switch 4 decks Elma silver plated contacts with 144 (1%metalfilm resistors) 112364536 Teac vrds10SE Workes as cd transport only. The internal DAC is too old and not from this time (1993) Rock solid Transport unit also used by Wadia 112364432